Bad Habits: Fiction

Ibrahim Azmi

A mother is a mother, to anyone, if not a mother, then it is difficult for a human being to live. This is a person who has no ideology. Work, sorrow, Sikh happiness, sorrow, misery endures everything just for the sake of the happiness of their children.

This is the same mother who had three sons, Hameed, Akbar, Adil, whose suffering brought them all up and urged them to be brought up in a good education. Their sons also got married. Looking at the situation, the mother married Hameed and Akbar, so that they would understand their status now, but as soon as he got married he seduced his wife and left her mother.
She was the mother who was ready to spend the rest of her life with the help of lean-smelling bones. Now there were only bones and skin in the body. It was perfectly fine, but the face was beautiful and exceedingly soft. Absolutely desperate to eat only one meal at a time. After leaving the tomb, she was ready to live with Hameed. With the passing of time, Hameed has now become the father of two children. With one boy and one girl, the whole family will live a very happy life. Arhadhatha – Adil was just six years old so Hameed and his wife loved him very much with their children. But Adil had no interest in studying. But Hameed repeatedly warned him. Adele did go to school. But Adele had a very difficult time going to school. That’s why she used to go out into the streets outside the school premises. And after school time she returns home.

But the mother would give him a note of ten rupees a day for the child’s education. He would eat something at school. While continuing his education, one day he passed the first numbers in Year II. After leaving school, Adil came straight to the house and told me the good news. Done. I sent Hameed’s bazaar in haste to come with sweets quickly, so I am very happy, because my red has raised my head proudly today. Hamid also wore a shirt and brought dessert from the bazaar, and distributed sweets to the whole family, everyone gave a lot of prayers to Adil. The atmosphere of laughter in the house was warm, meanwhile the door was knocked, Hameed hurried. Upon reaching the door, he saw that he was approaching the master of the school at the gate. Hameed quickly arranged for his hospitality. During the conversation, the headmaster said that Adil was very careful. The baby will succeed. But the mother standing at the door was listening to the conversation. She did not immediately respond to her liver. Horses can not get into the army, I’m not going overboard span away from his,
“Hameed said OK mother what you think is right”
“But if Mother entered the fray with our family, it would not be a good omen”
“No, no son, I can’t live without Adil.”
“Charonchar Hameed asks Headmaster to go back”
“Well, if you don’t want to, I don’t mind. I gave my best advice.
Since Adeel didn’t seem to mind studying, though, she was very fond of what made her the star of everyone’s eyes. But naughtyness sat on her knees, leaving her pampered motherly. As a result, he often used to steal things in small houses and sell them. When he was unaware, his mother would not scold him. These habits began to develop, but he did not come to terms with his stubbornness. As the infant passed through the Shabbat phase, his mother stopped giving money to him because of his movements.
Both of Hameed’s children were now wary. They had kept chickens in their homes. After coming to school, they cared for them, fed them with water, and lived with them. But he thought that it was necessary to clean his hands now. In the evening of the evening, all who woke up in silence were awakened by sleeplessness.

Adil left his chapel in the fire so that no one could know. He secretly picked up the dead cage and walked slowly into the courtyard, wearing the chapel, and leaving the door open. And at night he and his friends, together with his friends, sold all these chickens. When the morning came to open these chickens, the whole cage was missing. Said ,,,,
“Grandmothers are not there”
“Cue son chickens”

“Who closed in the night”
“Grandmothers closed the chickens”
But the grandmother is not even there. “
“Isn’t there even a cage, let’s see?”
“Grandma quickly got up from her bed and went into the closet”
“Allah, who has done this”?
“This can be done by Adil.”
Adil had fled from his house early this morning. After searching the house, no trace of Adil was found. This time Hameed was also angry.

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