Trump’s Opposition: US Democrats announce action

Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the US House of Representatives has announced an investigation into President Donald Trump’s formal proceedings. This led to alleged misconduct by President Trump over Ukraine’s leadership. Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday evening, September 24, that she will now be formally investigated and removed from her position as US President Donald Trump.

The reason became the claim that Donald Trump, under the leadership of the Eastern European country Ukraine, allegedly pressured him to investigate Trump’s rival US politician and former Vice President of the country under former President Barack Obama.

Reports from Washington suggest that the investigation against Donald Trump could potentially result in his presidential campaign. But more important than the final outcome of the process at this time, is that there will be a presidential election in the United States in the next year, 2020, and the scrutiny against Donald Trump, which will not be completed soon, in the United States before that election. Will make the internal political environment more tense and more severely prone to division. Speaking about the “dishonest facts”, the House Speaker of the House of Representatives said in a televised broadcast, “President Trump’s actions have revealed such derogatory facts, which means The president is deceived by the requirements of his office. In this way our national security requirements have been tricked and our electoral system is honored and respected. “Nancy Pelosi added in her speech,”

President (Donald Trump) Must be made responsive. No one is above the law. ā€¯According to News Agency Reuters, the decision to launch a formal inquiry into President Trump’s allegations led to allegations that Donald Trump, who is seeking his re-election next year. There are, in the US presidential election and internal politics, an alleged attempt to get help from a foreign government. The secret service official’s complaint is the source of the allegations against President Trump, according to which a US intelligence official regularly complained that on July 25 this year, President Trump phoned Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski and They allegedly asked for help. The alleged help was under pressure to investigate Ukraine, which Biden and his son Hunter had investigated

. Biden, who was not only vice president during President Obama’s presidency, could potentially be a Republican rival to Republican Donald Trump’s presidential election in the 2020 US presidential election. Denied by Trump After the accusations against him, Donald Trump, who was present in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, not only denied it in a message on Twitter, but also said He will also issue a full text of his telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Zielinski.

In his tweet, the US president wrote, “There was a very friendly conversation in this phone call and there was no pressure on Biden and his son Hunter.” This (inquiry against Trump) is a series of the largest and most destructive conspiracies in history. “Presidential Electoral Procedure According to the US Constitution, presidential elections are authorized only by the House of Representatives, while the US The Senate can take action on the decision of the country’s president. Democrat members are dominated by the House of Representatives, and even if this lower chamber of the US Congress successfully decides Trump’s motion, the president is to blame, namely, his removal, the Republican House dominated by Republican members. The upper or the Senate will have.

In the current situation, with the majority of Republican members in the Senate, it seems inappropriate that the Senate will blame Donald Trump. To date, only two presidents have been elected in American history. One was Andrew Johnson and the other was Bill Clinton. But none of them was forced to step down from the presidency. Unlike Johnson and Clinton, Richard Nixon was the US president who preferred to resign from the House of Representatives to avoid his incumbency. M / h (Reuters, AP, AFP)

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